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One of Joseph Smith's scribes takes down his dictation of the Book of Abraham translation.
Joseph Smith examines papyrus scroll.


Salt Lake Tribune Review

"A fine documentary that from an Egyptological point of view is a sound assessment of the source of a most controversial piece of Mormon Scripture."

Marc Coenen, Ph.D.

Department of Oriental Studies

University of Leuven


"A balanced, professionally produced approach to a sensitive issue in Mormon history.”

Stan Larson, Ph.D.
Marriott Library, University of Utah


“You are to be congratulated on a job well-done and on the tone you set in the over-all production. May your colleagues come to copy the thoroughness of research and method of presentation.”

J. Gordon Melton, Ph.D.

Institute for the Study of

American Religion


“This documentary must be seen by all those who are interested in the origins of the Book of Abraham.  In an artful and educational manner, it sets forth in clarity the basic evidence that establishes Joseph Smith – not the biblical Abraham – as the author.”

David P. Wright, Ph.D.
Brandeis University


“The Lost book of Abraham documentary not only gets the facts right with regard to this story, but tells this fascinating tale in an utterly captivating and professional way.  The producers also obviously took tremendous care in writing the script so as not to unduly offend the LDS people.  I just cannot recommend this documentary more highly.”

Craig J. Hazen, Ph.D.
Biola University